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Here at SydneyLinks, we’re thrilled to share some exciting updates about our team members and their vibrant pursuits both within and outside the real estate arena.

Firstly, we warmly welcome Luisa to our team. Luisa has brought an incredible energy and enthusiasm since joining us, making her an invaluable addition. Her spirited personality and youthful exuberance make her a natural fit for our sales team. Her eagerness and positivity are contagious, and we’re excited to see her grow and thrive in her role.

In the spirit of adventure and personal growth, Joy, one of our seasoned team members, is currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday break spanning two months. Her travels take her to England, Bali, the Philippines, and Spain, enriching her experiences and rejuvenating her spirit. We look forward to Joy’s return, refreshed and ready to bring her expertise back to our team.

Meanwhile, our Principal Trish, is pursuing her passion for fitness and endurance challenges. Having completed the City to Surf three times before, Trish is setting her sights on a new goal: conquering a half marathon. With the City to Surf spanning 14 kilometres, Trish is aiming to build her endurance further by preparing for a 19-kilometre race. She’s actively scouting for a new gym that will support her training regimen, recognising the need for disciplined preparation to excel in her upcoming challenge, such as the Blackmores Bridge Run, a renowned half marathon event.

At SydneyLinks, we believe in fostering a dynamic team environment where personal passions and professional growth go hand in hand. We celebrate each team member’s achievements and milestones, knowing that their diverse interests and pursuits contribute to a well-rounded and motivated team.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from our dynamic team at SydneyLinks. We look forward to sharing more success stories and exciting developments as we strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results in the world of real estate.

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