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In A Changing Environment

At SydneyLinks Real Estate we recognise that the success of our work relies on our adaptability to an ever-changing real estate market. Our Principal Agent, Trisiana Muljono and the whole SydneyLinks links team have had to make some difficult decisions in recent months when it comes to property and pricing.

As the market continues to fluctuate and dip we have had to increase our communications with clients from both sales and rentals to maintain healthy relationships with all of our clients. The current market is less forgiving and requires this increased level of communication to ensure everyone is ahead of the changes in the market.

Increased communication also means more planning, which allows us to handle the market appropriately. If property prices drop for our clients we either have strategies in place to bring prices back or we have alternative strategies in place to ensure cash flows for ongoing security and payments for properties.

For example, reducing vacancy plus having to reduce rental income expectations. Tenant signups currently are down but, the security of tenancy is higher as tenants look to secure properties for longer periods.

As a business, we understand we have to manage our budget and yours. We always look at costs across the board to increase the chances of property survival.

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