Adapting to COVID

With A Strong Team

Like all businesses, SydneyLinks real estate has had to adapt to the constantly changing environment of rules and regulation when it comes to COVID-19. As things have moved slowly and become more one-on-one, we have been gifted with the opportunity to obtain more feedback from our clients and provide a new way of providing service and marketing.

The result of being able to gather feedback from different clients had meant we can more directly provide feedback to vendors and property owners as well as reflect on our processes. As such we have introduced videos of most of our properties to Youtube, to allow digital inspections. The presence of video on property listings has also made these properties more visible online. For example, on properties with videos are visually highlighted and more easily found by users.

Our team has had to ensure we are on top of new regulation, which has come in handy. Many self-managed Airbnb property owners have found it difficult to keep up with changing regulation. SydneyLinks has gain several of these owners as a result of the pressure of self-management property changes.

We continue to take advantage of digital services to enhance the way our team communicates with each other and manages properties. We now have a team Whatsapp chat which ensures everyone is across all updates and ongoing matters.

We are excited that the property market is slowly gaining momentum and look forward to seeing what 2021 has in stall for us all!

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