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Meet our talented new Trust Accountant

This month we get up and close with our new favourite trust accountant, Alex. Alex joined us three months ago and has already established himself as a passionate professional with great experience in real estate and finance.

Alex grew up in California with his Aussie parents and moved back to Sydney seven years ago. Since being back he has worked in customer service and accounts with a big four bank and has managed a diverse portfolio of properties in real estate as a strata associate.

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Pictured: SydneyLinks Trust Accountant, Alex Wilson.

Currently working with the SydneyLinks team and studying his Bachelor of Accounting, Alex has developed a personal sense of professionalism.

“I am constantly working to improve myself professionally. When I was in high school, I did not have a passion for personal or professional development. Now that I am working I have found that I am constantly looking for the next challenge. I think it is important that I, and all working professionals, continuously look to improve”, says Alex, and we couldn’t agree more.

OCT 2017 SL03 Meet our talented new Trust Accountant Alex Wilson.jpg OCT 2017 SL02 Meet our talented new Trust Accountant Alex Wilson.jpg

Pictured Above Left: Alex in Wollongong where his parents live.  Above Right: Alex during his most recent visit to California.

Just like our Principal Agent Trish, Alex is keen rock climbing enthusiast, “I enjoy that it provides a good workout while being entertaining at the same time. I do have a fear of heights, but, like all my fears, I try to face it head on”.

“Next year I plan on rock climbing more frequently than I am now, and hopefully I will progress further than I have this year!”, says Alex.

In contrast, or perhaps complimentary, to rock climbing, Alex is a big fan of meditation, “I find that even ten minutes a day greatly increases my focus and concentration. I’ve been doing this for two years now”.

Turning off the meditation dial, when it comes to music Alex has a keen love of rap and hip-hop, “I like rap because I find motivation in hearing about how my favourite artists have overcome their challenges. When I need to pump myself up, I’ll listen to a song that has a high-level of bravado. I also find great enjoyment in the production value of some of the music I listen to”.

If you are a Potts Point local you might find Alex at some ever popular spots along Victoria street! He recommends Thai Power for their quiet atmosphere and lunch specials or Cafe Holm for it’s vibe, great coffee and fantastic service.


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