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SydneyLinks real estate supporting education for children in India

Here at SydneyLinks we not only support our local community but those elsewhere in much need of help. Our Principal Trish Muljono was recently introduced to the Bodhicitta Foundation, a grassroots charity investing in the future of India’s disadvantaged children. 

Bodhicitta was founded by Australian Tibetan nun Ayya Yeshe who Trish recently met with to see what the foundation is all about. After a presentation from the founder Trish knew she wanted to be involved, “This is something I wanted to do”.

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1. Children from the girls home gathered together.  2. The Bodhicitta Foundation’s founder and Australian Tibetan nun, Ayya Yeshe. 

As a focus of the organisation, they have set out to empower mainly women and children through funding education, job skills, human rights, health and wellbeing. Girls in India make up a large portion of the invisible and vulnerable population within communities. Patriarchal society and a cycle of repression without opportunity leave many without brighter futures. They can be denied education through discrimination and forced to marry at young ages. 

Through investing in the education of such children this cycle can be overcome. Girls are given the knowledge to change their own futures and those around them while helping to alleviate poverty. 

Seeing the change that can come with investing in a child in need Trish decided to donate to the charity to support the future of a young girl, Sonauli. 

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3. Year 10 student Sonauli.  4. A group of women from the foundation’s training centre sewing class.

“Sonauli is in year 10 and is a talented singer and dancer. Sonauli also likes the arts and writing”, a glowing report from founder Ayya Yeshe.

Sonauli and her sisters are in girls homes and were all living with their mother who is a labourer working on a tiny wage to support the family. Their mother encouraged the girls to study, which the girls now take very seriously. 

With financial support Sonauli can, “complete her high school degree and have a bright future”, says Ayya. Sonauli received her uniform, clothes, books, a bike, school bag, school fees, extra tuition and shelter to help her education.  

 For now Trish knows her donation will begin to help Sonauli on her journey. Anyone looking to find out more about making a donation and becoming involved can visit From $40 a month you can sponsor a child in India or you can donate to the Bodhicitta Doundation via their website.


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