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At the centre of one of the biggest changes to the inner-city Sydney landscape is our local collective community of Potts Point, Elizabeth Bay and Kings Cross. Instead of late-night clubbers lining the streets waiting for a willing taxi, we have motorists by day, circling the streets in search of a much coveted on-street car park!

With the Omnia development nearing lift-off, the Bourbon bar set for demolition and Bayswater Road’s Hensley Hall missing it’s heritage listed facade, the daily lives of the community has changed.

Replacing our historical and infamous clubs, bars and other night spots are something of a modern taste. Land is being replaced with property development with smaller spots evolving into new things. Theatre and live music are experiencing a revival in the community, so are jazz nights and special events. Little nooks are being filled with cute cafes and boutique night spots.

As SydneyLinks principal agent Trisiana Muljono states, “Space has become a high demand. Especially car space”. During the development of new, large-scale, properties and post their launch, parking becomes an issue.

“People have to be patient as the season changes and people started to go back outside”, says Trish. “More and more fines are issued with a lack of parking, people lose patience, paid parking will increase”.

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