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SydneyLinks discovers an innovative and inspired client

At SydneyLinks we have the privilege of meeting all types of people who come from all over the world to invest in Sydney’s property market and live in the inner-city. Our principal agent, Trish Muljono has the pleasure of working with landlord Anita Demeny who has recently decided to begin a business in natural health.

Doterra Essential Oils is the creation of Anita Demeny and her business partner Attila. Anita was introduced to the oils by her 10 year long friend Attila, which focuses on natural alternatives.

“The product is a therapeutic-grade oil which is chemical free”, Anita said. SydneyLinks ongoing management of Anita’s property has freed up some time for her to venture in to this new realm of the small business world.

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Some of the range from Doterra Essential Oils.

“The business is growing and we are looking for more people who would be interested in buying and distributing the product,” says Anita. The oils have a wide range of use from hair care to skin care and household cleaning to cooking.

“There is no need for other cleaning products when you have the oil in your home as you can just make your own”.

“I would love to share my experiences with the essential oil with everyone. The oils are very uplifting and Trish was very happy with them”.

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1. An all natural alternative to your beauty routine, the detoxifying mud mask.  2. Always a favourite, lemon essential oil.

Being involved with the business idea for almost six years now, Anita’s friend and business partner Attila speaks highly of the product. “The essential oils are natural, safe and effective. I use them for prevention of colds and flu,” Attila says.

“A lot of homes in Sydney suffer from mould growth due to a low amount of sunlight during Winter. My oils balance the energy in the home and help kill the mould. These oils  help to reduce toxicity around the home as you don’t need to buy other nasty chemicals”.

We love the Anita’s passion for the business and can’t wait to see how it grows. For more on Doterra Essential Oils you can visit their Facebook profile or follow them on Instagram @EmpowerNaturally.


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