Eastern Suburbs Spotlight

Eastern Sydney

With interest in the property market, during Sydney’s latest lockdown, remaining high, we decided to take a look at why the eastern suburbs remain popular.

When a buyer looks for a property, in our experience their criteria includes so much more than the property itself. Lifestyle is what really matters, and location is a huge part of that. Harbourside, beach accessible, parkside, easy access to the city, distance to shops, restaurants and schools—these are the buzzwords and phrases that come with conversation about property in the east.

Choosing a property in eastern Sydney means you have easy access to all of these things. It is more a matter of which you want more. For some it’s the harbour or the beach, for others it’s the parks, and for the rest it’s the hum of the shops, restaurants and nightlife of the city and surrounds at the top of the list.

With Sydney being such a big place, there really is something for everybody in the eastern suburbs. The features we have access to aren’t changing anytime soon, so if you find yourself looking east, your attraction to it is without a doubt promising no matter where you settle.

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