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Trisiana Muljono


Being our Principal Agent, Trish’s primary focus is the satisfaction of our clients. As such, during the current market recovery Trish has identified the need to adjust the setup of the business and refocus her energy.

Trish has turned her focus to property management, previously being primarily focused on sales. Now her time is evenly split between property management and sales. The current hit to the sales market means owners are less willing to sell so the focus of growing the business has turned to property management. 


Aiding Trish’s new focus are Helen Jutsen and Rebecca Varidel. Helen is in charge of leasing and assisting Trish with sales. Rebecca is assisting with administrative duties and ensuring repairs are up to date.

October was SydneyLinks’ biggest profit since the beginning of the year. This comes on the back of challenging the market as it grows and increasing return of investment by 10% through property management. For nine out of ten property owners our methods have worked as we receive increased return on investment. 

This past month we have grown by a total of four new listings and Trish is confident and happy with making this growth and meeting current industry challenges. 

As always, Trish is open to feedback and suggestions from property owners as new territory is uncovered. 


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