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Darling Square

In recent years Haymarket has seen a surge in interest from developers, investors and first-home buyers with the revitalisation boom brought upon by the billion-dollar redevelopment of Darling Square.

Recalling back to SydneyLink’s first listing in Darling Square’s first new development site three years ago, Trish recalls, “Since then everyone is interested in the area because of the choices of eateries, the library and the attractive green areas”.

Darling Square is still being developed but currently has over 65 restaurants and stores and the population of a small town. Considered Sydney’s newest urban neighbourhood, the square also boasts a renowned playground and park space with slides and swing equipment, water play zones, fall-absorbent hardscapes, climbing space and more fun for children.

A diverse mix of people, from both domestic and international backgrounds, have merged on this popular quarter to take advantage of the newly developed commercial and residential spaces. Early interest was evident from developers and investors while current post-Covid property market interest is coming from first home buyers.

Currently there are 336 properties for sale in the new development district of Darling Square. The attraction for first home buyer, aside fom the market, is the extras on offer in the area. Residential spaces offer modern finishes and facilities such as gyms, pools and outdoor space, while commercial spaces offer a library, play zones, parks and a seemilngly endless supply of eateries and drinking holes.

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