How We Began 2019 – Market Expose


Kicking-off with the market this year we first take a short look back at our performance at the end of 2018.

Let’s start with rental properties! The rental market in December slowed right down to a simmer. Listings were slow to lease and our total successful property leasings for December was down to two. The upside, by the end of the second week of January this year we had leased ten listings, some of which had been sitting still, and we had two new listings added.


Pictured above: Toby Little (Business Development Manager) and Trisiana Muljono (Principal Agent).

If we jump over to sales properties now we have a different story. As we all now know, the market has slowed but still remain healthy. In December 2018 SydneyLinks completed a total of six sales.

Our principal agent Trish says, “Prices are not the best, negotiations have to be made, but people are still looking to buy regardless”.

Some of our owners are using this downturn in sales prices to take advantage of this and upgrade. “We had a seller lose $80,000 on a sale but ended up saving $400,000 when upgrading as prices have come down,” says Trish.

Our yearly projection, people are selling for lifestyle changes, new buyers continue to enter the market and existing home-owners may look to upgrade.

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