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Meet our stylish and energetic dancing queen

Continuing our series of the People of SydneyLinks, this week we meet the very stylish and active Jean Ladianghibong. Jean is our switched on property manager who is not only ambitious but full of energy. We got to chat with her about family, one of her prized possessions and her life outside of SydneyLinks as a lively and passionate Zumba teaching pro.  

Our chat started with Jean right before her Tuesday evening Zumba class, where she teaches a lively class of high energy Zumba. “It’s high cardio and a way to combine dance and fitness”.  

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1. Jean Ladianghibong, property manager by day, Zumba instructor by night

Receiving her training in 2011, Jean began teaching classes in what she calls a very competitive industry. “You have to have the numbers”, she says. Building up to teaching classes takes hard work and is very much a testament to her skill level and experience in the industry. 

“That’s one of my loudest students!”, Jean is happily greeted by one of the women on her way to the class. “It’s a good mixed crowd, they’re all really lovely”. Jean considers herself a high energy and encouraging instructor and we didn’t doubt her.   

“I always encourage everyone to yell their ‘yays and heys’ to keep up their energy”, and she wasn’t bending the truth. The class starts and immediately Jean’s passion for the dance and Zumba comes out. Her classes are full of loud, positive and encouraging yells, mixed dance moves and pace. 

“I’ve danced all my life, I began with a theatre company at age 9”. Jean’s high skill level of dance throughout her Zumba classes come from her life long love of dance. As a young dancer she participated in interstate dance competitions, experimented with tribal dances and ballet, but her forte is hip-hop and jazz.

On top of her busy lifestyle with SydneyLinks and Zumba Jean finds the time to regularly dance at the Sydney Dance Company. “It gives me a good sense of something fulfilling”. Jean enjoys the freedoms of taking a dance class from a different perspective, as the student. 

Not one to shy away from challenging herself she takes part in all types of dance, “I do jazz, funk and hip-hop combined”. She says, “I’m always proud to wear their merchandise and let people know you’re a dancer”.    

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2. The class in position for the start of the Zumba class.  2. The class in- sync.  3. Jean in full swing showing us all how it’s done.

Before coming to SydneyLinks Jean had a great time working for BMW. Having a reliable car is a must for this busy lady and she definitely loves having a stylish car, “I like to think that my car is me to a tea”.     

After 12 great years working with BMW Jean was looking for a professional change. About this time while teaching a Zumba class, Jean got to chatting with an enthusiastic student, our very own principal agent Trisiana Muljono. “Trish came to a class and we were talking after classes”. 

She recalls Trish saying, “Come to the office”. Not long after that Jean began working with SydneyLinks, “I love it. I love the organised chaos of a real estate and the different and interesting people you meet”.

“Real estate is good because you’re not entirely in the office all day”, she says. Aside from busy work days, high energy Zumba classes and dance, Jean takes special pride in raising her soon to be 13 year old son, “He towers over me”. 

She holds close to her a Mothers Day card her son gave to her several years ago, “It brought tears to my eyes. On the card he says how much he loves me and how grateful he is”. “Sometimes as a Mother you wonder wether you’re doing a good job and this was a nice reminder from him”.   

 You’ll find Jean weekdays at SydneyLinks and 5 days a week in the evenings at Zumba classes in both Enmore and at Paramatta’s Crunch Fitness on George street.



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