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Our Top Tips for The Most Desirable Property

So many more prospective tenants are showing up at properties that offer lifestyle over and above anything else. This has become a commonplace occurrence amongst locals and newbies across the board as many people return to live in the inner suburbs.

State-of-mind is front and centre for a majority of tenants. People want a home where they can escape but also spent a lot of their time. After a long two years of pandemic restrictions and time spent at home, this makes complete sense.

We see this change as a permanent one, but what makes an apartment a good lifestyle choice for this type of tenant? Here’s our top list:

  • A fully equipped kitchen: dishwasher, oven, stove top, fridge-freezer, everything you need for entertaining guests at home.
  • Paint: A fresh coat of paint will transform and completely lift the feeling of the interiors, making everything feel more current.
  • Aesthetics: clean spaces that balance well with outlook, where tenants can imagine adding their things and creating a home.
  • Outlook: Water, trees, and outdoor space can’t be beaten when it comes to a great outlook or view.
  • Up-to-date: Whether it’s properly working equipment, refreshed bathrooms and kitchens, or up-to-date furniture and bedding for furnished properties, a small freshen-up to these things will dramatically increase property appeal.

A great example of the above traits is a property we recently leased at 106 Elizabeth Bay Road. The kitchen was fully equipped, the bathroom was updated, the interior style was simple and up-to-date and the views of the harbour were magnificent. This property had people lined out the door for a look.

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