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Meet Helen Jutsen! Helen joined our team back in June and is settling in to the team as support for our principal agent Trish, as well as the sales and property management teams.  

Living in different countries over the years, Helen has developed a personal interest in the property market buying, renovating, leasing and selling property. With a broad background in science, music and disability care, Helen also brings her experience in management and coordination to the SydneyLinks team and we couldn’t be happier she has joined us this year. 


Pictured: Helen Jutsen.

“I enjoy supporting The Principal Trish and other property manager and Sales Managers to do various jobs and learn along the way. I like to learn new things. I love to meet different people and help them in any way I can to find the perfect match for them with regards to property”, says Helen about how she is enjoying her new role. 

“I care about and want what’s best for the Tenant and the Landlord. I will do my utmost best to make things happen for all concerned with flexibility, good communication with compassion and kindness but with determination. I consider everyone that comes to the business as part of my family and treat them as such. I can be very business-like when I need to be and be a friend and family if the occasion arises. I will go beyond what’s expected of me if need be but not be pushy. I want to use creative thinking to solve any issues but within the law”.



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