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The SydneyLinks real estate team is delighted to announce that our entire team is currently setting up Property Tree for use across the whole business. This software streamlines our processes and makes information easy to access for you.

Property Tree is a software solution for real estate agents that we are thrilled to be using. During the Covid lockdowns in mid-2020 we quickly discovered how reliant we all were on technology to stay connected during a time where we were all isolated to some degree and restricted from interacting with each other. Property Tree will allow us to continue our regular services regardless of any restrictions from interacting with each other or even our location when working.

The new software allows our tenants and owners to access an app from their smart device which gives them complete access to payment due dates, payment receipts, lease start and end dates, ledgers, upcoming inspections and the ability to lodge and track progress of maintenance requests. We love that this type of transparency and content is available to you all at the click of a button.

The flip side to this is that our staff will have newly found free-time as most of our manual and time-consuming administration tasks will now been automated. For example, instead of setting personal reminders and creating notices for inspections, our system does this automatically by creating an inspection task for our team, while simultaneously notifying our tenants of the same. We can also view account summary information at a snapshot, with ease.

While our property owners will love these automated updates, our tenants will have greater and easier access to their tenancy information. For example, upon signing our new digital lease agreements, tenants instantly have access to their signed copies and can begin exploring and managing their lease via the app.

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