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Market Update

In the downturn of the current property market climate, at SydneyLinks Real Estate we believe that positivity and hard work are the best medicine. As such, we look to what positive moves you can make as a buyer and a renter.

As a property owner, look to upgrade. There is opportunity, while sale prices are down, to upgrade from your current property to a larger property or a property which has more to offer. If selling your existing property you may see it as a financial loss, but if financially possible, the purchase of a more valuagble property at a lower price is a long-term gain financially. Renters can also take advantage of lower prices and negotiate tighter lease terms when looking to move.

Buyers also have opportunity when it comes to devlopment properties. Developers are open to negotiate cash rebates for serious buyers and the right buyers.

As a business, we also understand that vendors require immediate funds. Where there is opportunity for buyers to make purchase, we ta in to that growth for opportunity.

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