Paddington Property Affordability

Could your next home be Paddington?

SydneyLinks Principal Agent, Trisiana Muljono, explains that many buyers and prospective tenants have renewed interest in the Paddington property market as demand grows for this eastern-suburbs hot-spot.

Paddington often flies under the radar of Sydney suburbs considered for living and visiting alike, which is a shame given how much of a historic slice of inner Sydney it is.

Paddington boasts an extensive array of dining options, with numerous restaurants and cafes lining Oxford Street. Additionally, the suburb offers a diverse selection of trendy pubs and hotels, both big and small, some of which hold historical significance. These establishments serve as perfect venues to unwind during the summer or enjoy a cozy drink on chilly nights.

As a result, Paddington stands out as one of the top suburbs in inner Sydney, particularly for young professionals seeking a balance between vibrant hangout spots and convenient commuting to the CBD. Opting for compact living arrangements such as one-bedroom or studio apartments, or considering a shared house, allows individuals to fully embrace the lively atmosphere Paddington has to offer.

Recently, SydneyLinks has sold two studio apartments in Paddington. By comparison, studios in Potts Point lease for around $500 per week, where as Paddington studios are usually about $50 less.

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