Potts Point

Alive & Buzzing

At SydneyLinks we are delighted to see Potts Point alive with outdoor activity and buzzing with people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

January has brought with it an influx of international travellers who are willing to spend time and money on lifestyle — and we have plenty of that!

As a sister suburb, closely intertwined with Kings Cross, Potts Point is a hub for people visiting Sydney. The mix of retail, community activities, access to public transport and the harbour, and close proximity to the city creates a great resume for this corner of the city.

Our team has noticed a wide range of changes in recent times including, less nightlife, cleaner streets, higher food prices, higher quality food in groceries, more interest from developers, more cafes and health centres and a range of outdoor activities setup by the city. Where the suburb goes next we’re not exactly sure but we suspect it will be niche with friendly and social people from affluent and traveller communities mixing together.

We were witness to the successful Summer Streets festival that took over Macleay street and Darlinghurst road. This was a great event that showcased local retailers and was a nice (expanded) addition to the ever-popular Kings Cross (Potts Point) Markets.

We’re looking forward to a great 2023 in Potts Point!

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