Property Management in The Inner-East – Market Expose

An insight from SydneyLinks’ Hari Wibowo

Our Senior Property Manager, and noted Trust Accountant, Hari takes us through the ins and outs of property management and what it means to be a good Property Manager in the inner-eastern suburbs and Sydney CBD real estate market.

We start by chatting with SydneyLinks’ Principal Agent Trisiana Muljono, “Hari is great at his job. He is calm and professional, is light and positive and makes it easy for our clients to open up”.

Working in the local property market since 1998, Trish knows a thing or two about good property management. On the topic she says, “A good Property Manager is someone who understands what our property owners want and gives clear direction for the potential of the property”.

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Pictured Above Left: SydneyLinks’ Senior Property Manager & Trust Accountant, Hari Wibowo.  Above Right: A well presented furnshed property is most often the result of great management and communication between our Property Management team and the client – as at our recently leased property 105/40 Macleay St, Potts Point.

Being an experienced Trust Accountant with many years of experience in the SydneyLinks team, Hari is well versed in practicing property management in the Potts Point area. He says, “I believe accounting skills in property management is essential… As a property Manager we are often forced to make decision as quick and as accurately as possible. By understanding the accounting side of the business, I am able to give correct and accurate answers to clients”.

“Most of the time we have to be on the phone, replying to email and taking notes to ensure the tenant and owner are on the loop and the property well looked after”.

“I think a great property manager is able to multitask, have a great time management skill and be a very good communicator”.

The inner-eastern suburbs and Sydney CBD real estate is it’s own unique market. “Consumer confidence is at its peak, I notice our clients are mostly from a younger generation who have a great income and are willing to spend their money to have a bit of a luxurious lifestyle,” says Hari.

“Although tenant turnover is high, the demand of properties in the area is always increasing and this pushes the values up every year”.

Trish agrees that Hari’s years of insight in all areas of the SydneyLinks business make him an outstanding Senior Property Manger, “Hari knows all of our clients well, he knows the history of the suburb and is knowledgable in strata law, residential tenancy rights, and property and agent law”.

If you are looking for a well-oiled and close working team to manage your property, please contact Hari, Trish and the SydneyLinks team – Contact Us.


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