Relief in Sight

Post COVID-19

The relief we have all felt as Covid-19 has come under control and vaccines are in sight is a much-needed and welcomed feeling amongst our local community. As restrictions have eased, mask-wearing has gone done, so has the need to wear one, plus our compulsive urgers and need to clean and reclean surfaces has reduced.

During the crisis, our team was most diligent and spent a large portion of our day preparing for and implementing health safety measures. Check-ins were a must, inspections went online for the most part and our front door handle got more wipe downs than it has ever seen before. Now we have a sense of hitting the reset button with our daily life as well as the property market.

With this new confidence our team has noticed and welcomes the sense of community that has returned and reappeared in new ways in Potts Point. Cafes and restaurants are refilling, markets are full of life again, nightlife is building and people are more interested in having a quick chat or smiling at passers-by.

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