Rose Bay – Suburb Highlight




Rose Bay has a relatively small population for an inner-city suburb however, property sales are comparatively quite high. The average percentage of properties in a suburb classified as a unit or apartment average at 13.1% nationally. Rose Bay totals 2,645 units, which totals 68.5% of all dwellings in the suburb.

Currently, Rose Bay has 73 properties available for lease and 24 for sale, according to Annual yields for rental properties are steady at 2.2% for houses and 3.1% for units. 


Rose Bay’s total number for sales in 2019 reached 165, down 2.37% from the previous year. According to annual sales data, and despite a yearly average drop, Rose Bay is considered a top selling suburb percentage wise. It ranks 125, ahead of Bellevue Hill and Bondi Beach on a national scale. 



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