Spring Summer – Market Expose

An Expected Change?

As the colder Sydney days fade away, the warmer weather sneaks back and the London Plane trees lining Victoria Street, Potts Point, sprout their light and bright green leaves, something begins to happen in the property market. Rental properties became popular again.

Properties that had sat in waiting for new tenants for several weeks were snapped up in the few first weeks of Spring. Where there once was 2-5 people inspecting in Winter, we ended up with 5-10 in Spring.

This trend has continued throughout the months and seems to happen each year. Whether intentional or not, tenants begin to consider a change and look for new property. In addition, international travellers and new residents flock to the inner suburbs of Sydney looking for that perfect property for the warmer months.

Although this upturn occurs, this year has been slower than usual on the back of recent property market movements. At SydneyLinks we prepare well in advance to changes and are well equipped to battle the new market-slow.

As our Principal Agent, Trisiana Muljono says, “We make sure we change as the market changes”. As a team we consider what extra work can be done to ensure properties don’t lay vacant.

Constant market analysis, improvements to property listings, updating outdated photography, adjusting prices as needed, maintaining conversations with our network and utilising our growing reach on social media all come in to play as we plan ahead.

Looking ahead we plan to apply the same methods to our sales property as we monitor the market and expand our understanding of the psychology of our tenants and buyers.

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