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Does styling your property really increase it’s value?

For the average home owner or investor, when it comes time to sell we often ask should I stage my home? Is it worth the investment? We sat down with freelance interior designer David King to take a look in to the stylish world of interior design.

David is a freelance designer based in Surry hills and works closely with a handful of realtors to transform the interiors for sale and marketing. When asked about how he approaches his work David says, “The real estate world moves quickly so you have to have to be prepared for a quick turn around”.

Interior design in real estate is commonly referred to as ‘staging’ and it takes on a life of it’s own, “The home owner looking to sell isn’t after new furniture, they want their property to present well and tell a story about the lifestyle the space allows for or the ways in which the property can be best used,” he says.

Although we can’t always know how a home that has been staged would have otherwise sold, or leased, we do know it makes a difference. SydneyLinks principal agent Trisiana Muljono says, “We do know that properties that have been staged or well presented, have bigger turn out”.

With that being said, the budget may not always spread that far for some. Luckily, a good staging job can be achieved with some simple tips. For those of you taking on a staging project for your own property, David’s best advice, “Be consistent and declutter. When it comes to consistency, the same style should carry through every space or room within the property. And too much stuff can be a style killer, create space and flow by getting rid of unnecessary clutter”.

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