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At SydneyLinks real estate our motto is, “Our first responsibility is always you”, and we are proud to put this in to practice each and every day. To continue to provide a healthy service of high standard we are always looking for ways to improve our services. It is so important to us to keep our landlords are happy, our tenants are happy and our properties are well maintained. 

From time to time we feel it is important for us to share with you some positive news. Our testimonials and positive feedback bring happiness to our day and give us indication that we are doing a great job. So for that, we say thank you! 


Here are some of our recent testimonials and some positive feedback from our clients:

Trusted Owner
“Hi Trish, Thank you Trish. We are in your hands to re-rent. Let me know how the furnishings are holding up, whether we need to replace anything or get any work done. Regards, Margaret.”

Thankful Tenant
“We’ve loved living at 8/11 Wylde street and would like to take this opportunity to say that our experience with the landlord, and you and your colleagues at Sydney Links agency, has been second to none.”

Smiling Tenant
“Hi Trish it’s nick from 11/16 kellett st I just wanted to thank u for the excellent service and I am very happy here.”

Happy Owner
“Sounds like we got some great tenants. Can I say first of all that the add looks incredible. I have no idea how Jay and yourself made the place look so good, especially with all the ash around. They are some fantastic pictures. From Owner of Omnia executive furnished 2 bedroom.”

Another Happy Tenant
“Great Trish , wish you and the team a great Christmas break, I’m in the area to stay and I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. Cheers, Andrew.”

Pleased Buyer
“Hi Trish, Thank you for your kind attention and professionalism that you showed me today. Have a relaxing evening and enjoy the rest of the weekend. Adrian.”



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