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Meet our newest member, Toby

In real estate, we get to find out so much about our valued clients so it’s important that we also share a bit about ourselves too. We’ve previously introduced you to Simon, Jean, Trish and Maria so now it’s time to get to know our newest team member, Toby.

We caught Toby when he was out in his car on his way to the doctor after a car jack landed on his foot! (ouch!) This thankfully doesn’t stop Toby from sharing with us what he loves about his new career and what feeds his soul outside of work.

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Personal Assistant to Sales & Property Management, Toby Little.

Toby loves that every single day at work is different which isn’t a surprise given that he assists with styling homes, finding new clients and the maintenance and repairs of 3 properties a week! Toby is dedicated to his work and his clients are going to get 100% out of him with everything he does.

When we got to chatting about what he enjoys outside of work, Toby was quick to point out that his big love in life is cooking. This doesn’t come to us as a big surprise when he reveals his mum is Valli Little who was the Editor for Delicious magazine for 14 years. She even out sold Jamie Oliver with her own cookbooks a couple of times! Toby grew up around amazing food and cooking so every time he steps into the kitchen he of course has some big shoes to fill. Toby’s favourite things to cook are Indian, Chinese and Italian. When we heard this we cheekily invited ourselves around for dinner! This was met with a laugh… maybe next time.

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1. A foodie shot from Toby, cloud eggs with asparagus sautéed in onion infused olive oil with avocado.  2. A nice setting for Toby’s love of Kayaking.

In high school, toby was on the rowing team. This inspired Toby’s current second love of kayaking. As we know, Sydney is a dreamland for any water sports enthusiasts but you’ll likely find Toby in his kayak around the Spit Bridge near his home on the North Shore where he kayaks to Middle Cove and Manly Heads.

Part of Toby’s job is spending quite a bit of his time in his car. This is a chance for Toby to immerse himself in his third love, music. Not just any music but his favourite type; underground 90’s hip hop. His favourite way of listening to this is when he’s out of the car and at home on his record player. He feels the sound of music is a lot more authentic when played on vinyl.

Working in Potts Point, Toby found it difficult, like we all do, to pin point just one local business that’s his favourite. Toby always shows his support for small business that locally source organic ingredients and most importantly, where the coffee is AMAZING! If you ever see Toby around make sure you say hi.


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