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Meet our super active and motivated principal agent, Trish

Getting to know some of the SydneyLinks team up close and personal has shown as a great human side to our employees. So far we have introduced you to Simon and Jean and now we get to delve inside the fun and busy world of our principal agent, Trish.

We met Trish at her local indoor rock climbing centre 9 degrees Boulder Gym to see what she gets up to, “I love it here it’s great. I love to climb!”

The realisation of Trish’s dreams of owing her own business began in 1999 with the inception of SydneyLinks. Trish created a name that she though best suited what she was setting out to achieve, “I had the idea to link myself with owners and properties.” hence the name SydneyLinks.

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1. Principal Agent Trisiana Muljono at 9 degrees Boulder Gym, Alexandria NSW. 

Trish spent the next few years developing her skill set and resume with qualifications in accounting and business as well as obtaining her Justice of Peace. Her interest in real estate only grew during this time, “[Real estate] was always a hobby of mine. I enjoy inspecting properties, learning about the market and trends and building networks.”

Building upon her interest, Trish gained experience with real estate selling her first property early on. “I can now forecast the market and expectations.”

We asked Trish what she would like people to know about her as a professional in real estate, “I am passionate about my job, it gives me a sense of purpose waking up every day to deliver results to my clients.” Trish holds understanding her clients lifestyle objectives as important to what she enjoys about the real estate business, “By understanding my clients’ lifestyle objectives I can set expectations. Styling and presenting property as a lifestyle choice is what the buyer or tenant will ultimately purchase.”

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2. Trish starting on a hard slope and  3. Trish showing us how it’s done at the top!

As we look around the climb centre there are straight up and down walls and then we see one almost at right angle, “I’ll start here!”. Trish isn’t shy of a challenge and jumps right up in to place with a smile on her face on what seems like the most difficult section.

“I’ll climb to the top”. Trish is at intermediate level with indoor rock climbing. To be an indoor rock climber you have to have a good fitness level, some strength and flexibility, “The sport allows me to clear my mind and refresh my thinking. It is similar to the techniques I have learned in real estate. With rock climbing it’s all about climbing to the top and finding new ways to work towards climbing higher.”

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4. Trish enjoying the harbour life on her boat.  5. Deep sea scuba diving in Bali 2016

Outside of indoor rock climbing you might see Trish floating about in Sydney Harbour, “Since I was young I loved fishing. I used to go with my cousins and my uncle and owning a boat allows me to fulfil my dreams as a child.” One her favourite things to do with her dream boat is organise gatherings with clients, family and friends to connect.

Another favourite of Trish and her boat is scuba diving. She has always been a lover of water and water sports, “Scuba diving requires knowledge of equipment and techniques and you get to look at all the beautiful fish in the deep ocean world. There it is just peacefulness on the deep water.”


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