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When scrolling through the options of inner-city suburbs to begin your property sale search, Darlington isn’t always the first that comes to mind. It’s one of the smaller suburbs that borders more popular ones but it has just as much at it’s doorstep and a little something extra for investors.

During the 1880’s Darlington went through a rapid subdivision following local elections. By 1891 Darlington had become the most densely populated suburb of Sydney. Today, the population density has completely transformed however the remnants of the suburbs subdivision still remain.

FEB 2018 SH02 Suburb Highlight SydneyLinks Real Estate Darlington Spotlight.jpg FEB 2018 SH03 Suburb Highlight SydneyLinks Real Estate Darlington Spotlight.jpg

Picture above left: Darlington on today’s maps and right: Darlington during earlier times.

As of February 2018, RP Data reports Shared Accommodation makes up 37.4% of the total household structure types for Darlington. This is a majority for the suburb and means good news for property investors. In addition, Household Occupancy is a majority of renters, who make up 59.8% of the total occupancy types.

“Since the middle of March 2016 sales prices have remained steady. They are still steady in February 2018”, says SydneyLinks principal agent Trisiana Muljono.

This steady market for sales coupled with the majority of households being renters in shared accomodation means investors should look to buy in Darlington in the current market, and looking to the future.

“Not only is Darlington perfect for investors in terms of just numbers but it is central to the kind of facilities that renters are looking for. There are the Eveleigh Markets, events at Carriageworks all year round, the University of Sydney, Victoria Park, Broadway and Central Park for shopping and Redfern Station at your doorstep.”

“Darlington is often missed as an option for buyers. It has potential, stable growth and increasing popularity.” says Trisiana.

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