Smoke Alarm Compliance

Are you liable for a tragedy?

SydneyLinks is currently part way through a mandatory smoke alarm compliance overhaul with all of our clients in the name of safety for tenants and liability of property owners.

Since the beginning of June, five people have died in house fires in Australia and a total of 202 house fires across Australia have been attended to by firefighters. Of this total 42% of those homes did not have a working smoke alarm and another 16% had none at all.

Echoing this data, SydneyLinks has uncovered through our own smoke alarm compliance review that 46.5% of our properties are non-compliant. This is from a total of 101 out of 271 of all properties inspected so far by our provider, Smoke Alarms Australia. From this percentage, reasons for non-compliance are 24% have a faulty device and 17% are expired.

SydneyLinks recently communicated to property owners our intention to conduct this compliance review with all of our rental properties. This is done as a duty of care by our business and costs owners an annual fee of $109.

Many of our property owners are unaware that strata are only required to check 25% of the properties on their roster and they commonly do not provide a certificate of compliance or take responsibility for repairs.

Where a smoke alarm is faulty, ultimately the property owner may face large fines, damage to property, injury and tragic loss of life.

If you would like to discuss our current mandatory smoke alarm compliance review please contact our Principal Agent, Trisiana Muljono.

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