Woolloomooloo The charming harbour-side Sydney NSW suburb of Woolloomooloo sits just 1.5 km east of Sydney’s central business district. This small, prestigious suburb draws in residents looking for exclusive housing and breathtaking views of the ocean. Transport Links Woolloomooloo is generously serviced by Sydney State Transit buses.  Whilst Woolloomooloo doesn’t have its own railway station,


Sydney Sydney, home to the first British colony in Australia and now a cultural melting pot, was established in 1788. An iconic travel destination and place to live, Sydney is the most populated and sought-after city in Australia. Sydney sits on the South-East coast of Australia and is bordered by the Tasman Sea. It consistently

Surry Hills

Surry Hills Immediately South-East of Sydney’s busy central business district sits the suburb of Surry Hills. This popular suburb of Sydney NSW is a unique blend of residential, commercial, and light industrial areas. The suburb was named after the Surrey Hills in Surrey, England by European settler Major Joseph Foveaux. Transport Links Residents and commuters

Rushcutters Bay

Rushcutters Bay Rushcutters Bay is located just 3 km east of Sydney’s central business location and is considered by many to be the centre of Australia’s boating culture. This beautiful harbour-side suburb of Sydney NSW sits directly on the water, with breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour. Transport Links Whilst this small, premium suburb doesn’t have


Randwick The suburb of Randwick lies South-East of Sydney, NSW. Randwick was named after the village of Randwick in Glouchestershire, England – the birth place of Randwick’s six time mayor, Simeon Henry Pierce. Randwick is primarily residential and popular for its impressive and natural beauty. Transport Links Randwick is currently served by multiple city bus


Pyrmont Pyrmont is Sydney NSW’s most densely populated inner-city suburb, located just 2 km south-west of Sydney’s central business district. Once home to the wharfs, shipbuilding yards and factories that were vital to Sydney’s industrial waterfront, the area saw significant decline at the end of that era. Pyrmont has recently undergone significant redevelopment and now

Potts Point

Potts Point With its largest section measuring only 1 km long by 200 metres wide, Potts Point is one of the smallest suburbs of Sydney, NSW – but at the same time, one of Sydney’s prime entertainment precincts. Located just 3 km east of Sydney’s central business district, Potts Point was the site of some


Paddington Colloquially known as “Paddo”, Paddington is considered to be the most cosmopolitan of Sydney NSW’s Eastern Suburbs. The area’s vibrant cultural and artistic history has long attracted residents who are looking for a unique and refreshing place to live. Since the 19th century Paddington has been most popular among the middle class. Transport Links

North Sydney

North Sydney North Sydney is a densely populated commercial and residential suburb, located on the North Shore of Sydney, NSW. This popular suburb is located just 3 km from the busy Sydney central business district, making it a popular residential area for those who commute daily to the city. Transport Links North Sydney has no

Neutral Bay

Neutral Bay Neutral Bay is a harbour-side suburb located on the North Shore of Sydney, NSW. Located just 5 km from Sydney’s central business district, Neutral Bay offers a relaxing atmosphere with beautiful, soothing views of the harbour. Transport Links Neutral Bay is serviced by bus routes to the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs. The

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