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Alexandria A highly desirable inner-city suburb of Sydney NSW, Alexandria is located only 4 km South of Sydney’s central business district. An up-and-coming suburb, Alexandria is part of the Green Square district and currently undergoing substantial regeneration, thanks to an urban renewal project designed to create a more modern, urban lifestyle for local residents.  As part

Bondi Junction

Bondi Junction Bondi Junction, an eastern suburb of Sydney NSW, is located 6 km east of the Sydney central business district. Bondi Junction is a largely commercial area that has undergone many commercial and residential changes to its main street and surrounding areas. Many historical areas still stand, giving residents of Bondi Junction a unique


Camperdown The heavily populated inner city suburb of Camperdown sits 4 km south west of the Sydney central business district in Sydney NSW.   Camperdown offers modern city living and has attracted an eclectic mix of professionals, tradesmen, workers and the wealthy. This diversity is reflected today in the blend of housing available in the area


Chippendale The inner city suburb of Chippendale is located on the southern edge of the Sydney central business district in Sydney NSW. The area is home to the new urban renewal project, Central Park. The multi-unit development includes parkland, vertical gardens, a towering apartment complex, shopping centres and unique residential buildings. Chippendale is also the

Darling Point

Darling Point Darling Point, located just 4km east of the Sydney CBD is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious, desirable and exclusive suburbs of Sydney NSW. Bound by Sydney Harbour on the North, Double Bay to the East, Edgecliff to the South and Rushcutters Bay to the West, this harbor-side suburb has a


Darlinghurst Colloquially known as Darlo, Darlinghurst is an inner-city eastern suburb of Sydney NSW. The suburb is located immediately east of the Sydney central business district. Darlinghurst underwent major urban renewal after the 1980s, transforming from the city’s red light district into an upmarket, sophisticated and culturally diverse community. Darlinghurst is surrounded by the suburbs

Double Bay

Double Bay Double Bay is a harbourside eastern suburb of Sydney, NSW. Located 4 km from the Sydney central business district, Double Bay was founded shortly after initial European Settlement in 1788. The suburb takes its name from two geographical formations between Point Piper and Darling Point in Sydney Harbour. The eastern part of Double


Edgecliff Edgecliff is a small, high-end suburb of Sydney NSW. Its highly sought-after proximity to the city and the fantastic views of Port Jackson offered by Edgecliff, property prices in the area are premium. The suburb literally sits on the edge of a cliff, giving Edgecliff its name. Transport Links Edgecliff is serviced by buses,

Elizabeth Bay

Elizabeth Bay Elizabeth Bay is a beautiful and exclusive harbour-side suburb in eastern Sydney, NSW. The area was originally known by the Aboriginal name ‘Yarrandabby’, until it was renamed after Governor Lachlan Macquarie’s wife, Elizabeth. Elizabeth Bay is located just a short 3 km from Sydney’s central business district. Transport Links Elizabeth Bay is a


Kensington Kensington is a highly desirable south-eastern residential suburb of Sydney NSW. Located just 6 km from Sydney’s busy central business district, Kensington is colloquially known as “Kenso”. Kensington is densely populated and offers a mix of high and medium density housing as well as free-standing single dwelling homes for its 11,000 residents. Transport Links

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