Edgecliff is a small, high-end suburb of Sydney NSW. Its highly sought-after proximity to the city and the fantastic views of Port Jackson offered by Edgecliff, property prices in the area are premium. The suburb literally sits on the edge of a cliff, giving Edgecliff its name.

Transport Links

Edgecliff is serviced by buses, as well as the Edgecliff railway station, which opened in 1979 after the South Coast and Eastern Suburbs line was extended from Edgecliff Town Hall to Bondi Junction.

Local Culture

The cliffs of Edgecliff were thoroughly quarried by the original European settlers of the area. Today, the residents of the suburb come from primarily English, Australian, Irish and Scottish cultural backgrounds. Many historic buildings still stand – including the Dower House. The gorgeous sandstone Victorian Gothic Revival house is a perfect example of the area’s original architecture.

Community and Recreation

This exclusive suburb offers a wide variety of outdoor sports and recreation. The area has many parks that are always available for use by residents, as well as a conveniently close proximity to the water.

The suburbs’ commercial developments are located near the transport services on New South Head Road. The nearby Edgecliff Centre is a large commercial space with a wide range of retail outlets, local amenities and office space. The suburb is also home to Edgecliff Eastpoint – a large shopping centre located above the railway station and below the bus interchange.

Residents and visitors to Edgecliff have a large selection of cuisines to choose from, including several fresh seafood and gourmet options. Pubs offer a relaxing place to socialise and enjoy a drink after viewing the historical sites, shopping or dining out. Many restaurants and pubs also provide the fantastic view of the harbor, setting Edgecliff apart from many other Sydney suburbs.

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